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Jimbro Songs...4 Song EP
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Videos and audio files of some of my compositions are presented here... highlighting the contributions of some of my friends...Thank you to my friends for helping bring these creations to life..

Thank you for covering my songs.
All lyrics/chords available on request..

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Dedicated to mom...
lifelong writer
Sometimes An Angel
Come and Take It
Historic Texas drought and fires of 2011
Nothin' stays the same...
Jimbro and Catherine Parke



The Hillbilly Proposal
Cats and Politics
Cast of Cats
Jimbro-Sapphire- Renita Joy
Find Your Pearl...
Dedicated to Muhammad Ali
Fishing Tale
Existential Lonelies
Dallas Is Where Alice Is
You've Come Back Home
A Girl Named Christmas Eve
Gonzales County Jail


Money Don't Rule
the World
Some you keep to yourself.
I Think I'm Falling
featuring Angela Parke
Video editing in progress
My friends..Slim & Mo Jo www.SlimRichey.com
A World of Change
Multi species and
4 generations cast
Is dreaming a sin? during presidential campaign 2012
The Ghost Dance
The Cajun & the Cherokee

Daughters West Texas Video
Lisa's Song
First music video - 1985
Getting Married Today
"Fraid knot"
3 Bullets.....The End
Afghanistan, women,
drones & poppies